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Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Occultation of the Pleiades early in the morning of 7/8/2007:

Quite mild early this morning looking out of my open bedroom window with my
20x60 Russian mounted binoculars at the re-appearance from behind the
dark limb of the Moon (which was earthshine lit and I could see some
of the seas or Mare in the Brownish yellow colour of it) of some of
the stars of the large open star cluster-the pleiades (M45) the sky
was reasonably clear and with a gentle cooling breeze as well as a bit
of peace and quiet to do my observing, I think Magnitude +4 stars
could just be picked out with the naked eye and seeing conditions were
quite good. I did some timings of the re-appearances and this is what
I got: (all times are universal time U.T)-
Eletctra-re appeared at 00:48:05 sec
Celaeno-re appeared at 00:57:38 sec
Taygeta-re appeared at 01:08:10 sec
Maia-re appeared at 01:22:53 sec
Asterope-re appeared at 01:24.44 sec
A good 40 Minutes or so of observing done and I enjoyed it very much-I
wish things like this took place more frequently-lovely and peaceful-