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Friday, 24 October 2008


In theory this Comet should now be visible in the South Western Evening Twilight after Sunset at magnitude 7.8 and I was having a look around for it on Wednesday Evening around 18.00 Hours with my small Binoculars from the back of Kessingland Church next to the farm-quite cold but worth the effort of a skywatch.

Due to the bright glare of the Western sky around that time it was just about impossible to pick anything out apart from Venus (The Evening Star) now low on the South West Horizon and a few of the brightest stars in the Constellation of Ophiuchus where the Comet is situated at the moment as well as Vega in Lyra and Deneb in Cygnus now overhead at this time as well as Altair in Aquila, Jupiter still bright and dominating in the South as well.

There was plenty of Aviation about as well with the stacking of them now over Needham Market and just South of Ipswich I could pick out no end of Aircraft with there strobe lights flashing in the distance as well as the bright lights from the ones now airborne from Stansted Airport, there also must have been 200 or more crows as well flying down to the wood next to the wildlife park to roost for the night and making a noise but all in all in was a peaceful pleasant skywatch even if the South Western Sky wasn't dark enough to pick out the Comet.

I will be looking again for it in the next few days if the skies clear enough to see it although the Comet is moving away from the Sun into the darker skies it is fading and will be beyond magnitude 8 into November.

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