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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Fireball Sighting...

A write up I sent to the SPA about a fireball I see on 29th October:

I spotted a reasonably bright moving medium to fast speed (scale 3-4) Fireball at 18.06 Hours U.T from my house, I would say its estimated Magnitude was possibly -4 to -5 leaving a long trajectory trail (possibly 60 to 70 degrees) from the Constellation of Cygnus on the Azimuth to the North West location of Bootes, the trail was thin and straight with orange-red burning material spewing from the small orange coloured fireball and was moving quite straight through the sky so any firework can be ruled out, I also thought before the fireball appeared I heard a reasonable bang in the sky.

The Fireball started dim got brighter and burnt itself out as it got into thicker atmosphere in the North West and I would say overall it lasted for around 10 seconds at the most disappearing 20 degrees above the Horizon.

I was wondering if this may have been a Cygnid fireball as it came from that Constellation (or direction) of the sky.

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