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Monday, 17 November 2008

NASA - STS-126 Launch Podcast....

Candrea Thomas/Launch Commentator: Ten…
GLS is go for main engine start.
Candrea Thomas/Launch Commentator: Seven… six… five… four… three… two… one… booster ignition. And liftoff of space shuttle Endeavour -- preparing our home in space for a larger international family
Kyle Humphries/Mission Control Commentator: Houston now controlling.
Commander Chris Ferguson: Houston -- Endeavour -- roll program.
Alan Poindexter/ Spacecraft Communicatior: Roger, roll Endeavour.
Kyle Humphries/Mission Control Commentator: Commander Chris Ferguson confirming Endeavour is rolling on course for rendezvous with the International Space Station. Speed at 1,000 mph. Altitude one mile, downrange distance six and one half miles from Kennedy Space Center already. Three engines slowing down to the 72 percent of their rated thrust, as the shuttle goes through the realm of maximum aerodynamic pressure -- altitude five miles, downrange eight miles from Kennedy Space Center -- speed 1,500 mph.
Alan Poindexter/ Spacecraft Communicatior: Endeavour, go at throttle up.
Kyle Humphries/Mission Control Commentator: All systems remain go. Speed 2,000 mph, altitude 10 miles. Downrange systems 12 miles from Kennedy Space Center. It's one and a half minutes since launch -- Endeavour has consumed two and a quarter million pounds of propellant -- and weighs less than half of what it did at launch.
Standing by for burnout of the twin solid rocket boosters and jettison.
Booster officer confirms a clean separation of the two solid rockets, Endeavour's three main engines continuing the second stage, accelerating at 37 million horsepower.

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