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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Alert: Satellites Collide in Space

Space Weather News for Feb. 12, 2009

COLLIDING SATELLITES: Experts are calling it an "unprecedented event."
Two large satellites have collided in Earth orbit. Kosmos 2251 crashed
into Iridium 33 on Tuesday, Feb. 10th, approximately 800 km over
northern Siberia; both were destroyed. The resulting clouds of debris
contain more than 500 fragments, significantly increasing the orbital
debris population at altitudes where the collision occurred. The Air
Force Space Surveillance Radar is monitoring the clouds as they pass
over the radar facility in Texas. We, in turn, are monitoring signals
from the radar and you may be able to hear debris "pings" by tuning in
to our live audio feed. This is a story that will unfold in the days
ahead as researchers study the evolution of the debris clouds and
piece together the details of the collision. Stay tuned to for full coverage.

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