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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Occultation of the Pleiades 4 Febuary.....

Freezing cold morning-temperature down as far as minus 1.4 degrees Centigrade according to my digital remote outside thermo transmitter-a white frost on the garden grass, cars and shed rooftops glistening, looked from 01.00 Hours U.T onwards until the Occultation around 02.18 Hours (Greenwich) U.T-the Moon with its Terminator going right through the Crater Copernicus and casting shadows into it disappeared behind some building chimney pots so I had to go outside to do the observations although it did not feel too cold to me as I was well wrapped up in good thermal clothes etc-the results were these...
Electra (17 Tauri) DD 02.15.40 Hours U.T
Celano (16 Tauri) DD 02.16.10 Hours U.T
Maia (20 Tauri) DD 02.43.10 Hours U.T
Times are +/- 1 to 2 seconds out-but not much due to human reaction.
Casio Wave Ceptor wrist watch set by radio signal 20 minutes before the occultation-so should be very accurate timings.
One steaming hot pot noodle-afterwards.
After that I had a look around in the South Eastern Sky for Comet Lulin-now close to Alpha in Libra (Zubenelgenubi) and will follow the Ecliptic plane into the Spring Skies through Virgo and Leo, still have not picked this one out yet with Binoculars as the morning skies are a little misty and very cold in the East but it should become more prominent during 20th of the Month onwards-hopefully...

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