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Monday, 23 February 2009

A very good Saturday Night Skywatch..

It was very nice to meet Ron Larter for the first time-I wish him well with his pursuit of Astronomical photography etc.

It was a very good night on Saturday on Pakefield clifftop carpark next to the Jolly Sailors public house apart from the variable cloud which blocked a great many of the Messier objects out we could have seen-my Laser pointers were invaluable to point out the objects in the sky so people could get their equipment focused on them-glad I have them so people can see the objects and enjoy them as I do.

Thanks to Len-he was the first one to pick out Comet Lulin low in the South East just after it had risen before 21.00 U.T and I thought it looked a bit odd until I looked at it through my 20X100 Binoculars and could see it was close to a double star and the Coma just in front of the two stars, the Coma was not as condensed as other Comets I have seen though, all in all it was a good night and the objects we see were:

M42-M43 The Orion Nebula (lovely almost Bluish Turquoise Nebulosity) M45 The Pleiades (Blue hot stars with very slight Nebulosity) M32 Great Galaxy in Andromeda (slightly clouded) M41 in Canis Major (going in and out of variable cloud) M44 Praesepe in Cancer, The Planet Saturn (with almost closed rings) Comet Lulin in Virgo spotted by Len first and a number of various stars in several constellations worth looking at, I don't think the clear sky patches were clear enough to see the Coma, Virgo cluster of Galaxies that can be seen with a 5 inch telescope upwards, I may just be able to pick one or two of them out with my 20X100's on a clear crisp coal black night.

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