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Monday, 27 April 2009

Comet Yi-Swan new images


As a follow up to imaging Yi-Swan for the second time, the results turned out to be only slightly better than the previous images I sent you last week. The image contains a stack of 36 x 15 seconds sub exposures that gives a combined exposure of 15 mins in total. You would have thought a 15 minute exposure might have yealded a far better image, but it wasn't so. The comet still looks small and almost lost in the starry background.

However, I have sent you three images; one showing the comet in a wide field view and the second as a closely cropped image. The third image has been heavily processed with a touch of blurring to enlarge the comet slightly, together with a brightening of the object plus some heavy colour saturation to bring out its green. It's a forced image that doesn't really show its true character, but the process does serve as a means of showing it up better. The problem with over-processing is, the background noise is enhanced too, making it a bit specky and grainy, but then we can't have it both ways.



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