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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Atlantis is Go

Atlantis Roars off on Hubble Chase
George Diller/NASA Launch Commentator:
Sound suppression water system armed. T-10 ... nine ... eight ... seven ... six …five ... four … three … two … one …and liftoff of space shuttle Atlantis, the final visit to enhance the vision of Hubble into the deepest grandeur of our universe.

Gregory H. Johnson, Capcom:
Bypass across the board, Scooter. No action.

Kyle Herring/NASA Ascent Commentator:
Houston now controlling Atlantis on its way. Atlantis on its way. All three engines now throttling down as the area begins, as the vehicle passes through the area of maximum dynamic pressure.

Gregory H. Johnson, Capcom:
Atlantis, Houston, no action on the MPSB2 out P.

Scott Altman/STS-125 Commander:
Houston, we copy. No action.

Gregory H. Johnson, Capcom:
Atlantis, go at throttle up.

Scott Altman/STS-125 Commander:
Houston, Atlantis copies. Go at throttle up.

Kyle Herring/NASA Ascent Commentator:
Seven miles in altitude. Altitude 49,000 feet. Flight control team discussing the minor transients that were seen at liftoff. All three engines are in good shape.

The vehicle is headed downrange. All three hydraulic systems in good shape, as are the fuel cells. Atlantis is 18 miles in altitude, downrange 23 miles, already traveling 2,500 mph.

Approaching staging, the burnout of the twin solid rocket boosters, which have been burning fuel at a rate of about 11,000 pounds per second. Solid rocket boosters have done their job.

Atlantis is continuing in its due easterly course to catch up with the Hubble Space Telescope one last time.

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