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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Hopton Site last night etc from Richard Chilvers

To Colin-11/08/2009


  • Yes it was good night all round socially with frank and his family of parrots,
  • good viewing after the longish wait: yes we were lucky
  • yes we need patience, can't rush astronomy
  • glad that you were able to come as your know how is a great help to us all
  • you have spent more real time naked eye astronomy than most of us
  • Rain today and it may turnout that last night was the best bet
  • Next stop is the Aug 22nd  Kess Fete
  • Brochures will be ready and will provide display boards
  • Wonder whether a second hand for sale, home made or raffle might bring in some funds?
  • Discuss with Den John or Ron
  • Reg Hunt will be coming during afternoon 
  • Can't make it myself due to work?



Thanks Again

Richard C


Subject: The Hopton Site...


Fantastic night last night at: I think everyone really enjoyed it and I was glad for a clearing in the cloud cover to pick out some of the deep sky objects for other members to see and enjoy-its great when we can all have satisfying evenings such as this and I hope for more in the future and to promote interest for Lyra as a whole...

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