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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Hopton Site...

Fantastic night last night at: for the Lyra skywatch I think everyone really enjoyed it and I was glad for a clearing in the cloud cover to pick out some of the deep sky objects for other members to see and enjoy-its great when we can all have satisfying evenings such as this and I hope for more in the future and to promote interest for Lyra as a whole...
Colin W
Good morning Colin. Yes, good night at Hopton. Thanks for your help in finding objects. Your LYRA title should be "navigator to the stars".
It is a pity that Frank has to lock the site up before going to bed otherwise we could have stayed longer. Tonight looks like the weather will put paid to it.
Here's to the next time.
John P

Thanks for the link to the Hopton site. It was interesting reading and I might even include a few notes from that article in my book. Great stuff!
We had a good night last night. My son enjoyed it very much, despite the cold breeze. I can see how you are becoming a great asset to the society with your friendly manners and your willingness to use your equipment and growing knowledge of the night sky to show the heavens to everyone. You are great guy and someone I could get along with quite easily. We have a good group at LYRA.
As for my photos last night, after having had  a quick look at them it seems I have caught a satellite but no meteors.
See you soon.

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