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Thursday, 3 September 2009

[BAA 00437] Tom Boles leading discoverer

BAA electronic bulletin No. 00437  

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Tom Boles is now the
leading discoverer of supernovae worldwide with a total of 125
discoveries.  This includes all individuals, whether professional or
amateur, who have personally searched for these objects but excludes
all those discovered via automated surveys.

Tom reached this milestone on 21 Aug 2009 with the discovery of
SN2009ij. This was his third discovery that evening and is the sixth
time he has achieved this remarkable feat.  Another possible record,
but one which is difficult to check.  This brought Tom's total to 124,
thus surpassing Fritz Zwicky who discovered 123, (including one with
P. Wild).  Zwicky's first was on 1921 April 6 with 1921B and his final
discovery was on 1973 April 26 with 1973K.  Sadly, he died the
following year.   Zwicky used a 16" Schmidt in his early days and the
48" Oschin Schmidt later.

Tom made his first discovery on 29 Oct 1997 with SN1997dn and so
overtook Zwicky in less than 12 years, but there again, Tom now uses
three 14" telescopes!

But this was not enough for Tom and another discovery followed with
supernova 2009io in UGC 11666 although this was actually discovered
earlier, on August 13.932.

We are grateful to Professor Ian Howarth (a former VSS Director) for
initially bringing Tom's record to our attention.

Roger Pickard, President and Stewart Moore, Deep Sky Section Director

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