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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

[BAA 00518] Uranus at Opposition

BAA electronic bulletin No. 00518

As pointed out in the BAA e-bulletin 00517, Uranus comes to opposition
on the same date as Jupiter, i.e. 21 September 2010.

A chart for finding Uranus is given in the BAA Handbook. However
Jupiter provides an excellent guide to finding the fainter Uranus
which lies approximately 0.9 degrees to the north of Jupiter at

Uranus has a magnitude of +5.7 and is easily visible in binoculars.
Its disk is only 3".7 across but it will be visible in a medium sized
telescope with a magnification of x100 or greater. Detail has been
reported on the planet's disk from time to time but this tends to be

Its four largest satellites, Titania Oberon, Ariel and Umbriel may be
seen visually with larger amateur instruments and also detected via
digital imaging.

Mike Foulkes BAA Saturn Section Director

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