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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

[Baa-ebulletin 00544] Observing Alert: Spots on Saturn

BAA electronic bulletin

Observing Alert: Spots on Saturn

On 8 Dec 2010 two spots were recorded on Saturn at the same latitude.

Firstly, a bright spot was recorded close to the central meridian in
an image taken at 02:12UT by Sadegh Ghomizadeh in Iran.
The provisional position for this spot masured from the image is:
latitude 37.5 degrees north (planetographic), longitude (System 3) 248 degrees.

Just over 5 hours later, David Gray in the UK visually recorded a
light spot approaching the p. limb.
The provisional position for this spot measured from David's drawing is:
latitude of 37.5 degrees north,  longitude (System 3) 29 degrees.

Saturn is well placed for observation before dawn and more
observations are urgently required to confirm these features.

Mike Foulkes
BAA Saturn Section director.
12 December 2010
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