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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

[BAA-ebulletin 00583] Supernova in galaxy M51

BAA electronic bulletin

New Supernova in Galaxy M51

Guy Hurst, UK Nova / Supernova Patrol and Supernova Search Coordinator for the BAA Deep Sky Section, today issued a TA Circular (E2743) giving details of a new supernova discovery in M51.

The object is located at: RA 13h 30m 05.8s and Dec +47deg 10min  11.2sec (2000). The magnitude of SN is currently around 13.5 putting it within easy range of imagers and visual observers with medium to large aperture telescopes.

An image of the galaxy taken by Ron Arbour, with the SN marked, can be found on the BAA Variable Star Section web pages at:

M51 is a popular target for both visual observers and imagers and members are asked to check any images of the galaxy taken over the last week for signs of the "new" star.

Please forward all images (past and future), with full details of equipment / filters / exposures to the Director at

Stewart Moore, Director BAA Deep Sky Section
2011 June 3
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