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Monday, 23 January 2012

Fireball sighting, January 16-17-Reply From Alastair Mc Beath

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From: Alastair McBeath <
Date: 23 January 2012 19:43
Subject: Fireball sighting, January 16-17
To: Colin James Watling <>
Dear Colin,
Thanks a lot for your latest fireball report from January 16-17.
Sadly, yet again, I've had no other fireball observations from around 18:29 UT that evening as yet, though I'll be adding details on it to the January fireballs topic on the SPA's Observing Forum after I've sent this message, all being well, at:
As usual, if you've learnt of anyone else who saw this event (or indeed, any other fireballs), please encourage them to send me full details. The separate topic on the Observing Forum still has advice about making and reporting fireballs that you can direct any additional witnesses to, at:
Glad to know your Stargazing Live star party went well that evening too. There seem to have been some decently clear skies over much of the country for once this time.
All best wishes, Alastair.
Alastair McBeath,
Meteor Director, Society for Popular Astronomy.
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