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Monday, 24 September 2012

[BAA-ebulletin 00699] RR Tauri Observing campaign begins

BAA electronic bulletin
The BAA Variable Star and Deep Sky Sections are combining their skills
in an observing campaign to observe the star RR Tau and it's
associated nebula.

Optically RR Tau is an exciting star to observe, varying between
magnitudes 10.0 and 14.5, in an irregular and unpredictable fashion.

The aim of the project is simple. Visual VSS observers will monitor
the changes in brightness of RR Tau, whilst CCD observers - both
VSS and Deep Sky - will attempt to image the nebula on as many
occasions as possible, so that we can, at the end of the project,
correlate the two to see if we have anything interesting to show for
our efforts. Even if we do not, we will still have answered an
important question!

This star is also featured as the "Variable Star of the Year for 2013"
in the BAA Handbook. However, we've taken the liberty of placing the
information that will appear there on our web page at where you will also find a link
to the chart.

Good observing.

Roger Pickard, VSS Director (in the absence of the Deep Sky Section
14th September 2012

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