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Sunday, 2 November 2014

[BAA-ebulletin 00822] Result of the ballot for the BAA Council

BAA electronic bulletin

Result of the ballot for the BAA Council

The result of the Ballot for next year's Council of the BAA was
announced at the Annual General Meeting last Wednesday. The number of
votes given for each candidate was as follows:

President H. McGee 399

Vice-President W. Leatherbarrow (ex officio)

Treasurer A. Lorrain 392

Secretary (Business) W. Tarver 353

Secretary (Meetings) H. Collett 377

Secretary (Papers) J. Shears 372

Other elected Members of Council:

N. Hewitt 357

N. James 353

A. Davies 347

P. Abel 338

D. Boyd 337

D. Arditti 318

S. Moore 316

L. Crook 302

R. Johnson 300

J. Chuter 242

The remaining candidates received insufficient votes and were not
elected. As the elected Council member receiving the most votes, Dr N.
Hewitt becomes the second Vice-President for the coming session.

465 ballot papers were received of which 51 were invalid.

Bill Tarver, Business Secretary

2014 November 2
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