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Saturday, 8 November 2014

X-flare and Martian Meteor Shower

Space Weather News for Nov. 7, 2014

MARTIAN METEOR SHOWER: NASA and European spacecraft have detected
evidence of a "spectacular" meteor shower on Mars caused by the close
approach of Comet Siding Spring last month. If a human had been
standing on the Red Planet at the time, they might have seen thousands
of meteors per hour followed by a widespread yellow afterglow that
lasted for days. Visit for more information.

X-FLARE! Active sunspot AR2205 produced a potent X1-class solar flare
on Nov. 7th, causing a strong HF radio blackout on the dayside of our
planet. More X-flares are in the offing as the sunspot turns toward
Earth this weekend. Visit for updates.

DID YOU MISS THE FLARE? Next time get a phone call. Real-time solar
activity alerts are available from (text)
and (voice).

Good Clear Skies
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