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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Fwd: [CometObs] Digest Number 3303

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Digest #3303
Comets 21 Aug. 2017 by "Gábor Sánta" santa.gabor


Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:12 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Gábor Sánta" santa.gabor

Hello to the group,

Here are my visual comet observations from 21 Aug. All of them were made by
my own telescope (355/1650 Dobsonian). Sky was good, naked eye limiting
magnitude was at about 5,5-6,0. Far suburban site, Göd, Hungary.

C/2016 M1 (PanSTARRS)

Aug. 21,83 UT, m1=14,8, d=0,33' (20"), DC=0. 0.35-m L, 351x. Coma is
diffuse but very obvious.

C/2015 O1 (PanSTARRS)

Aug. 21,85 UT, m1=14,3, d=0,4', DC=2-3. 0.35-m L, 351x. Coma is next to a
14.5 mag star, but very obvious. Moving was detected in a half an hour

C/2015 VL62 (Lemmon-Yeung-PanSTARRS)

Aug. 21,92 UT, m1=14,2, d=0,5', DC=1-2. 0.35-m L, 351x. Slightly difficult
to see, but its OK. Moving was detected in a 20-min period.

C/2016 N4 (MASTER)

Aug. 21,94 UT, m1=14,8, d=0,4', DC=0. 0.35-m L, 351x. Bit difficult to see,
but I'm sure its real. Movig was detected in a half an hour period. 15,4
mag stars were visible.

In this night I got a clear view about NGC 7009 (Saturn nebula) with its
lobes, and also about Campbell's Hydrogen Star, which had really, very-very
red colour!

Gabor Santa
HAA member, deepsky, comet sections

Good Clear Skies
Colin James Watling
Various Voluntary work-Litter Picking for Parish Council (Daytime) and also a friend of Kessingland Beach (Watchman)
Real Astronomer and head of the Comet section for LYRA (Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth Regional Astronomers) also head of K.A.G (Kessingland Astronomy Group) and Navigator (Astrogator) of the Stars (Fieldwork)
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